Five key choices people make that result in addiction

Five key choices people make that result in addiction

Five key choices people make that result in addiction

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Really, no one wakes up one day and consciously chooses addiction. People do, however, make five key choices that, together, do amount to a choice of addiction. Or, perhaps another way of saying it is that the combined impact of those incredibly damaging choices makes addiction seem to be inescapable and seem to be something you are powerless over.

Let’s look at those damaging choices:

We’ve added another permanent article to round out our collection of writings discussing what real addiction treatment is all about – this one discussing if and how people choose addiction.

The vast majority of addiction treatment available today starts from the foundational assumption that, if you are an addict, you always will be. They tell you that you have an incurable disease – and you then need an ongoing treatment, group, program, pill or expert to keep you on the straight and narrow. For life.

And, if you follow the systems these disease-based models prescribe, then, they usually are right. Almost no one ever gets free.

That’s why we don’t work that way.

Really healing addiction starts at the heart, at the emotional and relational roots that drive a person to seek to pursue relief from the pain of unmet needs instead of fulfillment for them.

We help people change the core beliefs and the key choices they make that leave them feeling powerless and trapped in their behaviours.

It’s about learning new beliefs, gaining life changing skills and developing real social abilities that allow you to engage relationships and get real support and connection from those who love you.

So, if you’ve tried everything else and have mostly given up hope, then read through all of the above links and see if you’re ready to quit putting bandaids on the behaviour of addiction – and finally take the steps needed to heal the heart!

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