• We’ve moved!
    We’ve moved!
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    Nine months after starting on the project of finding a new (And so much nicer) home for my (Cal’s) external office, we finally did it!

    Yes, we finally escaped from the cramped box that was the medical clinic – which had been our home since I commenced registration with the College of Alberta Psychologists… (Far longer then it was ever supposed to be…)

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  • Are you finally done with antidepressants?
    Are you finally done with antidepressants?
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    Science Daily

    The study aimed to establish whether MBCT is superior to maintenance antidepressant treatment in terms of preventing relapse of depression. Although the findings show that MBCT isn’t any more effective than maintenance antidepressant treatment in preventing relapse of depression, the results, combined with those of previous trials, suggest that MCBT may offer similar protection against depressive relapse or recurrence for people who have experienced multiple episodes of depression, with no significant difference in cost.

    Over 2 years, relapse rates in both groups were similar (44% in the MBCT group vs 47% in the maintenance antidepressant medication group). Although five adverse events were reported, including two deaths, across both groups, they were not judged to be attributable to the interventions or the trial.

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  • Here’s how you spot the next suicide bomber
    Here’s how you spot the next suicide bomber
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    Even if blowing oneself up were instantaneous and the individual didn’t feel physical pain, adds Caouette, there is still great psychological duress. ‘This is not mentioned in our paper, but suicide bombers usually go through a long preparation to make them ready to become suicide bombers.’ They have to say goodbye to or cut off contact with their families, who might not approve of their actions. ‘In the end,’ she said, ‘martyrdom can take many forms of self-sacrifice, whether feeling pain or losing one’s life.’

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  • Maybe faith is not so dead…
    Maybe faith is not so dead…
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    National Post

    You don’t need to be a churchgoer to pray. That’s one of the findings of a sweeping new poll on faith from the Angus Reid Institute, conducted in partnership with Dr. Reginald Bibby of the University of Lethbridge. The recent survey of 3,041 Canadians showed that even as our affiliation with organized religion continues to decline we still believe – just in our own, often deeply personal, ways. Here’s a snapshot of how faith shapes our behaviour and our views of one another today.

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  • Why people in positions don’t seek help.
    Why people in positions don’t seek help.
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    The revelation adds to questions about how much Lufthansa and its insurers will pay in damages for the passengers who died.

    It also underlines questions about how thoroughly the aviation industry and government regulators screen pilots for psychological problems.

    It’s pretty much the same story all over again.

    Someone in a position of power goes off and kills others due to a common-cold level mental illness such as depression that remained untreated.

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  • New site launched!
    New site launched!
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    Henze and Associates: Counselling and Care

    More than just counselling! Proven transformation and healing, for a seeking Christian community.

    Setting hearts free to really live the fully human lives of grace and freedom Christ promises us all.

    In an atmosphere completely free of shame or judgment, we simply provide the highest standard of professional care for all who seek our help.

    At long last, Google finally forced all of us slackers to update to a mobile-friendly site.

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