• Salvation 101
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    I Thought I Was a Christian

    choose wrongly and make mistakes from time to
    But when you do, go to Christ with a repentant
    (being genuinely and humbly sorry for what you
    with no plans to do it again)

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  • Preparing Teen boys for Adolescence
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    But regardless of your size right now—or how big you get in the months ahead—remember this: Others will accept you because of your attitude, not your altitude. It’s best to focus your energy on growing the man inside: who you are at your core, how you treat other people, and especially how much you imitate Christ.

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  • The Bible is True
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    In the most crucial issues of life — like God, human nature, right and wrong, sin, forgiveness, death and eternity — you can’t afford to guess what is true. Your life depends on whether what you believe is, in fact, true.

    This is a good article in that it raises common doubts to examine so they are less likely to be acted out.

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  • Born-Again Christians
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    How to Live Forever

    You can show that you
    have faith in Christ by your lifestyle. “And how can
    we be sure
    that we belong to him? By looking within ourselves: are
    we really
    trying to do what he wants us to?

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  • Ready to Hear Truth
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    Andrew was looking for truth: truth about God, truth about God’s promise of personal change.

    This article is a good example of trusting God. One doesn’t need to know everything about Him, just enough to believe what he says is true.

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  • The Emotional Rollercoasting of Dating
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    While we give God many areas of our lives, too often we rely on ourselves to find true love. Yet if we’re truly living our lives for God, we must give Him our love life as well.
    God wants us to be pure for our future spouse. So if you decide to date someone, make sure you’re strong enough spiritually so that God can lead the relationship.

    Some Good basic points and boundaries, especially for teens.

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  • Avoiding the Same Mistakes as Parents
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    Who Am I Reflecting?

    realized he wasn’t telling me to break up with a girl
    because he was mad at me or that he didn’t want me to
    be happy. He was telling me because he didn’t want
    me making the same mistakes.

    There are only a couple good points. One of which learning from your parent’s mistakes is a blessing.

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  • God’s Wardrobe for Successful Dating
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    God’s Wardrobe for Successful Dating

    A final word of advice: If you’re Instant Messaging with
    your beau, watch what you write as well. Words, as they
    say, mean things, and your typed-out words can carry
    extraordinary power.

    This article is good as it discusses the importance of not saying too much to the opposite sex in letters. You tend to say more in letters and it increases connection that does not happen naturally in face to face meetings.

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