• Frustrated again!
    Frustrated again!
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    Breakaway Mag

    Our vehicle is the Holy Spirit, who transforms us along the journey, preparing us for our destination.

    Although this is not the best article it does stress the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit to change us.

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  • Recommended reading
    Recommended reading
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    Ransomed Heart

    This is the home site of authors, John and Stasi Eldredge

    — a ministry couple who really get how grace and freedom (Rather than lists of rules) transform a person’s heart. While occasionally their Scriptural references do leave a little to be desired, truth with an off-topic proof text is STILL truth.

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  • Vatican II speaks to Christian Marriage
    Vatican II speaks to Christian Marriage
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    Kathleen Fischer Hart and Thomas N. Hart: The Call to Holiness in Christian Marriage

    Vatican II dramatically changed the way the Roman Catholic Church regarded both the institution (Sacrament) of marriage and the role of men and women in such. No longer is marriage seen as administered by the priest to the couple but, rather, as a ministry, the two prospective spouses mediate to each other.

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  • Marriage Counselling Calgary: Making Sex Matter.
    Marriage Counselling Calgary: Making Sex Matter.
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    One rather the well-known secret of search engine optimization is that, often, people can’t even bring themselves to Google what they really need. So often, when people are searching, “Marriage Counselling Calgary,” or, “Couples Counselling Calgary,” what they are actually searching for is, “Sex Therapy Calgary.”

    Our society’s shame around sexuality and sex therapy is just so great they can’t even admit what they are searching for a search engine.

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