Reading List (Marriage)

This is the standard reading list I send to all my premarital and marriage clients. It is a collection of resources in a number of related areas we have found to be well crafted and thought out.


  • Abba’s Child – Brennan Manning
  • Go away, Come closer – Terry Hershey
  • Waking the Dead — J. Eldredge
  • Gender ID/marriage building:

  • The marriage builder – Larry Crabb.
  • Men and woman: Enjoying the difference – Larry Crabb
  • Boundaries Face to Face – Cloud and Townsend
  • We’re finally alone, now what do we do – off my file server.
  • Wild at Heart (For Him)/Captivating (For Her) — J & S. Eldredge
  • Sexuality for marriage:

  • How to be a great lover – Lou Paget (For Her)
  • How to give her absolute pleasure – Lou Paget (For Him)
  • The Big O – Lou Paget (For Her)
  • How to make love all night – May be again in print or off of fileserver. (For Him)
  • 237 questions every woman should ask a man – May be again in print or off of fileserver. (For Both)
  • Healing of sexual abuse/addiction: AB/AD

  • The wounded heart – Dan Allender (No more then a chapter a week — preferably less) AB
  • Eros Defiled – White AB/AD
  • Eros Redeemed – White AB/AD
  • Sexual Anorexia – Carnes ( AB/AD
  • Out of the shadows — Carnes ( AD
  • To access our file server, go to links menu at right, pull down the menu, select H&A File Server –>Public –>Psychological and just double click the book etc.

    The assorted media in question should download to your desktop and probably auto-open as well. The books on the file server are out of print and this is the only way I have found for people to access them.

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