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Foundations of Christian Counselling:

Foundations of Christian Counselling

The care we offer is the fruition of many years of personal healing by our counselors. Our own journeys of healing and Faith left us dissatisfied with both the programs and faith community development we had experienced in the past.

A greater committment to loving relationship and a continuous improvement to the delivery of care was necessary. We wanted to establish a place where people can powerfully connect with the care they long for. Our years of experience in caring for the hearts of others has proven to us that healing is not simply a matter of assimilating new information.


Healing is not a matter of formulas, 'ten steps to this or that' or rigorous disciplines. While some of the above may prove helpful, none are sufficient on their own.

Yes, people need safe places to be real, as well as receive to love, acceptance and instruction in psychological principles. But, they also need a space where their faith and power of the Spirit of God are equally admissible. Henze & Associates has, as its core goal, the building of spaces where that is possible.

  • Sex addiction counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Christian counselling for infidelity and affairs


Why Christian Counseling anyway?


The answer is simple -- properly understood, there is real power in the Gospel. Power to change lives, power to heal hearts and power to transform the very core of the ways people view and interact with their hearts and their worlds. Let's look at just a few of those potential sources of power:

The power of Eternality:

The man/woman who stands with no fear of death is the most dangerous being alive. The entirety of the system of this world rides on the ability to take a life from another. When death ceases to terrify, control is lost.

The power of Absolution:

This world -- especially the Christian side of it -- stands in the constant fear of guilt. It stands with heads hung in shame while playing roles designed to prove to those who hold this weeks rating scale that they do, indeed, measure up. The teachings of Jesus have been so bastardized and bent by the keepers of religious power that it actually seems reasonable when that-which-formerly-was is again brought as a means of enforcing the awareness of our guiltiness and pinned on Jesus. But, we didn't get a Bandaid for our sins -- we, with Christ, died to them -- and were raised to a new life that doesn't relate to them. Our heads can never again hang low -- because the standard which judged us (The law) can never again condemn us -- no matter what.

The power of Love:

So many people live in the fear that if they ever gave God control of their lives, He'd bring out massive pain and torment (and a few plagues from Egypt too) to finally hurt them enough to change them. Yet, Jesus made it very clear that to see His heart was to see the Father. It's a heart that will never lead through shame, fear, guilt, condemnation, coercion, punishment, torment or wrath. It's a gentle heart that works quietly inside -- when we are ready -- to call us to life.

The power of Life:

Almost every aspect of our world is focused upon dying. We have drugs -- they keep us emotionally dead. We have TV and entertainment to keep us distracted until we die. We have disassociative meditative techniques that are used to attain the peace of the grave while living. We run from shame, fear, guilt and the paralysis that comes from feeling trapped and bound and this drives that seeking of death. Through canceling all of that, the Gospel not only reawakens the desire to live, it legitimated the call to live and unlocked the creative energy to drive such.

The power of Freedom:

Wanna know why our bricks and mortar churches are emptying by the droves? People heard that Jesus came to set them free -- and something deep within them intuitively knows that a list of rules isn't what He had in mind. The message of the Gospel isn't less rules -- it's TOTAL freedom. "When a man finally grasps grace, he suddenly finds himself standing, naked and trembling, in such a wide open space that he can do naught else but reach up for a hand to hold -- for a guide to lead him through." Anon

The power of Intimacy:

We can reach up for that hand to hold and that guide who will lead us through. It's safe now. The cross is critical to this for it proved that not only is God good -- but it proved that who He is IS GOOD. The human race unleashed the very worst it had to offer on the one being in the universe who could have annihilated them with a thought -- and He loved them so much He let them kill Him and then came back to love them even more. To love ME even more...

The power of Faith:

Faith isn't belief -- faith is Christ in you, the hope of Glory. The Christian life has nothing to do with trying harder or trying period. It's about surrender to that new life which has been created in you to enough of a degree that you can stop trying and literally get the hell out of the way. It's about a surrender to a wisdom so much greater then our own that the foundations of this sick and corrupt system of control we call life begin to get blown up -- not just for yourself, but also for those you love.

The power of Holy Anger:

Jesus made one thing very clear: He didn't come to make nice -- He came to start a war. The religious leaders of the day didn't kill, "Gentle Jesus meek and mild." They killed a guy who they could plainly see was destroying everything about their system of religious power -- not trying to start the Conservative/Republican party. Then, He turned to the disenfranchised, the broken, the humiliated, the poor, the shameful, the powerless and promised them a power greater then the world had ever seen -- just before he invited them to join up and open fire.

The power of Humanness:

Look around the world -- every major religion out there sees human beings as basically screwed up and disgusting. It then offers it's prescription to fix them -- if people will only tow their line. The Gospel sees people as made in the image of God and, though once broken, as currently perfect without them doing anything to fix themselves. (That's God's job.) He came not to destroy them -- but to reverse that which was broken about them once and for all. He came to make them fully human and fully alive.

The power of Transformation:

The foundational job of the gospel is to tear back the veils that keep people from seeing the beauty and dignity of the current reality of their lives. Read that again -- not to fix people, for that job is already done. The primary weapon we are given is truth -- the ability to tear back the lies that have the ones we love trapped in a set of falsehoods that reduce them to that which formerly was (dead) and drive them towards a set of broken strategies which will never fulfill the deepest longings of their hearts.

The power of Passion:

The magical core of the Gospel is the call to the deepest desires of our hearts. If God made those hearts and planted those deep longings within them, then those deep longings have to be His will for our lives. All of the above was NOT done because God wants to finally get you to the point of being a well-trained-seal who will do some religious dance when told. He did all of the above so you could finally reach inside and discover that deepest place of your heart where He planted the vision He created for you to become -- and then full-tilt LIVE IT OUT.

The Gospel is not seen in ethics. The Gospel is first seen when a human heart, transformed so that it both is able to hear the voice of God and longs to do so, begins to reach out for the hand of a loving father and, when finding that hand, begins to take the risk to step out and live.

The Gospel achieves it's true 10,000 candle-power brilliance when that heart reaches out and loves, it stops and cries, it gives to another, it stands in defiance of the night, it attacks with fury, it rescues the broken, it binds up the wounded, it touches that paintbrush to canvas, it places finger to string or key, it speaks with fire and precision, it screams with the fury of Almighty God at the thought of one of His precious children living with even one chain, it kisses with passion and then it makes love with with all of the erotic intensity that only a heart set free can even risk.

It's the captivating and irresistible master plan of liberty the God of the universe, exploding out of the passionate longings of His heart, wrote for you.

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