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Couples and marriage Counselling Calgary

Couple's Counselling in Calgary.

Save your marriage, before it's too late!

Half of all divorces occur within the first seven years of marriage. Yet, even when relationship problems are clearly seen, the majority of couples wait more than five years before seeking couples counselling for their marriage.

Obviously, every couple hopes that they will be able to find solutions on their own, but when problems are ignored, they generally grow and become more difficult to turn around.


At Henze & Associates in Calgary, Alberta, we can help. We bring seventeen years of experience in couples counselling, helping couples handle anger, disagreements, and conflict and giving them the tools to build a closer, more connected and stronger couple relationship.

So, if you're looking for deeper connection, healing from infidelity, resolution of conflict or to restore trust, then read on to see how Henze & Associates can empower you to heal your relationship.

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Couples therapy can help you:

  • Restore the intimacy and passion you knew when you first became a couple and help you finally feel understood and heard again by your partner.
  • Replace the conflict and silent treatment with self-esteem, building gentleness, tenderness and connection with each other.
  • Calm your fears for your future as a couple and restore hope and a vision for change.
  • Believe in your dreams of a fulfilling and intimate marriage again.
    • We understand how deep those longings go and we are confident that the skills we bring as couples or marriage therapists can help you meet and exceed your dreams of a loving relationship.

      Couples counselling gives you the skills to:

      • Resolve conflict and really understand each other so that you can ask for and receive what you need from your partner.
      • Create that deep and trusting connection with each other that ensures a lifetime of safety and commitment.
      • Reawaken the passion in each other and erase the barriers that keep you from fully expressing such.
      • Release the pain, experience forgiveness and know the safety and security you've always wanted to define your relationship as a couple.
        • Successful relationships are not a mystery or the result of luck. We have thirty years of solid research that clearly says you can transform a relationship of suspicion and conflict into a fun, safe and passionate intimacy. The proven and well-researched strategies of couple counselling we employ have uniquely equipped us to cope with the most fragile and damaged couple relationships - especially those shattered by addictions, infidelity or an affair.

          Stages of couples counselling:

          Couple or marriage counselling generally progresses through three separate stages:

          • Assessment: The first session is where we come to understand the perspective and concerns you each bring, explore the history that brought you to this point and understand what you each would like to accomplish through couple therapy.
          • Strengthening and change: The middle sessions of couples counselling are where we work to prevent further harm and where the foundation of skills is laid. That foundation may include skills in communication, conflict resolution, meeting needs, understanding differences, forgiveness and reconciliation, overcoming disconnection and many more areas.
          • Solidification and maintenance: Once progress has been made and maintained over time, we begin to space couple or marriage counselling sessions out and shift focus to stabilizing the results achieved and setting a course for long-term growth and development after the conclusion of couples counselling.
            • It's not enough for your relationship or marriage to just work when you are in a couples counseling session, and for it to work wherever you are, the emotional climate and conflict patterns of the relationship need to change. Helping you identify and replace behaviours that erode the love relationship between you and your partner is the core of what we do.

              What you may expect during couples counselling:

              We welcome and respect all types of commitments. We believe that your commitment to each other is sacred, and we're not in the business of tearing couples or marriages apart. We have seventeen years of commitment to fixing relationships, and we're not here to promote divorce. Should that be unavoidable, we will work with you to ensure that it doesn't happen again. We're for your marriage!

              Respect for your faith choices:

              We're registered, certified Christian Marriage counselors and psychologists aligned with values-based marriage counsellor associations, and we're led by a national governing body that is fundamentally committed to marriage. And we offer something different: a unique faith-based perspective that fits with your worldview and commitment and is focused on the same goals you are: turning your dream of an intimate and fulfilling couple relationship into reality.

              Reach out for a better marriage today!

              If you've already tried your hardest and it's not working, then reach out today and see what Henze & Associates couple counselling/marriage counselling can offer you.

              Learn more about that faith based perspective here or explore more about couple counselling on our blog.


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