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Eating Disorders Counselling in Calgary

Eating Disorders Counselling in Calgary

Healing the heart of Eating Disorders.

Sometimes it's a loved one who has begun to express serious concern about your health. Or, maybe it's your doctor who just diagnosed you with an eating disorder. Regardless of the source, most people experience huge reluctance as they consider treatment for their eating disorder.

We understand that struggle. Eating disorders are unique in how little your understanding of the eating disorder's negative impact on your life impacts your ability to take action to change it.


We understand the uniquely challenging combination of emotional, mental, psychosocial and neurological factors that define eating disorders and unite to create this distinctive struggle with thinking, confidence and relationships that so easily blocks steps towards healing.

So, if the, "Try-harder," based approach hasn't worked, Henze & Associates eating disorders counselling services for anorexia, bulimia and binge eating can help you finally regain real control.

  • Eating disorders counselling Calgary
  • Eating disorder counselling Calgary
  • Anorexia bulimia counselling- Calgary

How we help our clients heal from eating disorders:

The core of eating disorders isn't food, it's emotional pain and, as such, our focus isn't on eating or weight gain. Instead, the focus of eating disorders treatment is centered on you, on your individual needs and/or goals and building the confidence, reducing the anxiety and helping to restore flexibility in your thinking. We help you to address dysfunctional beliefs, identify and manage triggers, reorganize systems of thought and learn new skills to address the emotional issues that drive eating disorders.

We work to create an environment safe for experimentation where you can explore new ways of thinking or behaving and where you can try-on and learn different skill sets that assist in addressing eating disorders. Sometimes, part of that process includes limited work in family therapy and the rebuilding of social connections.

Types of eating disorders addressed:

  • Bulimia: A habitual pattern of binge-eating followed by behaviours intended to rid one's self of the calories consumed such that the behaviour is significantly impairing life. This eating disorder may also be associated with weight fluctuations and other physical problems which, sometimes, may become severe.
  • Anorexia Nervosa: An intentional maintenance of weight below minimum body weight normals as a result of perceptual distortions surrounding current appearance and a fear of becoming fat or even gaining weight.
  • Binge-Eating: Extreme eating, usually awash with guilt or shame and done in secret, which serves as a means of coping with stress or managing life circumstances.
  • Other disordered eating: Not every eating disorder has its own separate classification, but that doesn't make the struggle any less real. When the way you think about food or your preoccupation with eating behaviours is keeping you from enjoying life or relationships, you may be experiencing an eating disorder and early treatment is always the best path to success.

    • What treatment for eating disorders addresses:

      Foundational to any eating disorder is a complex set of dysfunctional beliefs and disorganized thoughts that are triggered by and create emotional states in certain situations. Often these beliefs are tied to issues of perfectionism, beliefs about self worth and dissatisfaction with body image. Developing an awareness of that set of dysfunctional beliefs and disorganized thoughts is an essential first step towards healing eating disorders.

      However, simple awareness is not enough. To fully overcome an eating disorder it is essential that new skills be learned which address the emotional, mental, psychosocial and neurological factors which are at the root of all eating disorders. We help our clients learn and then practice key skills of coping with triggers, replacing dysfunctional beliefs or thoughts, healing emotional pain and we help them make all of this conscious through the use of thought and belief logs.

      In addition to interventions such as family therapy, we also help our eating disorder clients learn to communicate with those they love, assert themselves and learn to properly set boundaries. Gaining confidence in solving problems, self care, ongoing self-awareness and meditation are just a few of the other skill areas which can also be helpful in the treatment of an eating disorder.

      A spiritual perspective on eating disorders:

      Eating disorders are almost inseparable from patterns of guilt and shame - issues that link strongly to questions of faith and spirituality. At Henze & Associates, we also offer our clients in Calgary and, through advances in technology, around the world is a unique faith based layer of treatment that meets you in your individual faith perspective and enables your faith to begin to work to free you from your eating disorders.

      There's no need to struggle with your eating disorder alone:

      Avoidance and emptiness may seem like control - but it's nothing more then a hollow imitation. The thinness which is often created by an eating disorder may seem like a mark of, "Specialness," but it's really just an expression of powerlessness and pain. Real and positive control is never fuelled by an endorphin rush from hunger or purging activities - followed by bleakness and social isolation.

      If you're tired of the imitation and your heart longs to really gain control over the role of food in your life, then please get in touch and see what eating disorder counselling with the therapists at Henze & Associates can offer to you.

      Learn more about that faith based perspective here.


Christian Marriage Counselling for eating disorders

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