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Family Counselling/Therapy in Calgary

Family Counselling/Therapy in Calgary

Putting hearts back together.

Family is one of the most important building blocks of any society. It often provides us with our heritage, our roots, a crucial sense of belonging and a safe place to run when life throws us for a curve.

In recent times, the definition of a family has expanded. Today we recognize a wide variety of family structures - and the increasing complexity of issues they struggle to communicate about.


When communication breaks down, family therapy has been proven to offer great benefit in reopening lines of communication and helping family members learn from each other in new and transformative ways.

So, if you can no longer effectively communicate with those you love, then read on to see how Henze & Associates family counselling can help your family to come back together again.

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Family counselling can help you to:

  • Communicate effectively, resolve conflict and help eliminate destructive anger.
  • Increase respect and help you work together as a team to overcome the challenges your family faces.
  • Create balance in your home and restore purpose in your lives together.
  • Address parent/teen conflict or high risk behaviours and help restore harmony.
    • In family counselling, we come along side of your family and help you learn about and understand each other in ways that may not have been possible without the assistance we can bring. We provide guidance, mediation and counselling to bring understanding, healing and to restore peace to your home environment.

      How family therapy works:

      The first family therapy sessions start with only the parent(s) present to provide the space to evaluate your family's strengths and issues and come to understand the difficulties you have faced in your role as parent(s). We also use this time to gain an understanding of teen behaviours such as promiscuity, drug or alcohol use, bullying, self-harm or criminal activity.

      After the preliminary work is complete, we can then meet with your whole family, begin to build the foundation of communication and listening skills, identify the triggers of negative communication patterns and start to assist your family in healing the issues you face as a team.

      In family counselling we, together, assess and employ the resources you have as a family to address the tough problems you face such as illness, addictions, grief and loss, abuse, separation or divorce or mental illness.

      What you may expect during family counselling:

      We make sure each and every person is heard and understood. Sometimes, we may take a part of the family session and give an individual member of the family, "The floor." It's about giving that person the space to, without interruption, fully express him or herself and. perhaps for the very first time, finally feel heard. When each person is finally able to express what is most important to them, we are well on our way to restoring harmony to the family.

      Respect for your family's spirituality:

      We offer something different: A unique faith based family counselling perspective that fits with your world view and supports your vision for your family and the values your lives together are based on. We understand how hard you have worked to elevate your family above what you see around you and we're here to help.

      Reach out for a more harmonious family today!

      If you feel unappreciated, misunderstood, like you want to run away and you can't remember the last time everyone just got along, then perhaps it's time to reach out and see what Henze & Associates family counselling can offer you.

      Learn more about that faith based perspective here.


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