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Grief & Loss Counselling in Calgary

Grief & Loss Counselling in Calgary

Coming to terms with grief & loss.

When people we love are snatched away, the grief that results can have an enormous impact on our lives. Grieving can leave us exhausted, emotionally empty, feeling lost and the intensity of grief can even render us temporarily unable to care for others or ourselves.

Sometimes, the grieving process can even be made more difficult by friends trying to cheer us up and expecting us to just, "Get over," our grief. If only grief and loss were that easy to address!


But, everyone grieves differently and there is no, "Right way," to grieve. How grief and loss are experienced depends on your individual personality, the support you have around you, the relationship you had with the person you lost and your ties with those who share your grief.

Henze & Associates Calgary based grief counselling services can ease the emotional and psychological response to loss, help heal the pain and allow you to breath again.

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How people cope with grief & loss:

People deal with the experience of bereavement in many different ways and, when they mourn, their individual expression of grief can sometimes look very different. Some people become trapped in depression, others become extremely angry while others try to stay in denial as long as they can.

The grieving process is really a road that people must travel and, often, when people try to deal with grief & loss on their own, they can become stuck at one of the stages of grief. Sometimes the result of an incomplete grieving process is long-term depression for which counselling is highly recommended.

How the grieving process works:

The grieving or mourning process is really about reversing or undoing the various bonds that have gone into building the relationship so that it is possible to let go and move on without the other person present - at least in body.

The grieving process described by Dr. Kubler-Ross as, "Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance," generally can be shortened to four key stages:

  • Numbness phase: Upon receiving the news of death, most people experience an intense emotional outburst or a cry of pain. Almost immediately, psychological defenses engage and the person then tries to disregard the fact of the loss.
  • Phase of yearning: This is a part of the grieving process when the bereaved experiences a strong urge to search for and recover the one who was lost. It is an attempt to ignore not the fact of the loss but the permanence of the loss.
  • Phase of disorganization and despair: In this phase of grief, numbness has worn off; the person has accepted both the reality and the permanence of the loss and the pain of bereavement rushes in at full intensity.
  • Phase of reorganization: The final, acceptance-based phase of the grieving process is marked by a slow turning towards the future as day-to-day life begins to come back into focus, new meaning and purpose is found and the person can finally make some sort of sense out of the loss that has occurred.
    • Not all grief & loss results from the death of a loved one and, sometimes, other life events such as divorce, abortion, the loss of a pet or other major life changes can produce surprisingly intense grief and grief counselling can also help you cope with those issues.

      What you may expect during counselling for grief & loss:

      We are proud to offer grief & loss counseling both in Calgary and, by video, around the world. Our trained therapists gently help you walk into the grief and deal with the feelings that result from loss so that you can come to accept it. We help you come to terms with both the pain and the symptoms of grief so that the grieving can be experienced as normal and welcomed as a journey. Our counsellors equip you to undertake the task of identifying and dealing with your own feelings so that you can eventually find meaning in them.

      We help people get un-stuck and then walk with them as they complete their journey through grief & loss and back into their daily routines.

      A spiritual perspective on grief & loss:

      We offer something different: A unique faith based perspective that, along with you, holds that, even in death, we do not grieve without hope. We offer the ability to explore not only the mental and emotional aspects of bereavement, but also to help you answer the spiritual questions grief can create - questions about loss that you may not feel safe to ask anywhere else.

      You don't have to walk through grief alone:

      If it feels like your heart has been torn apart by grief and you wonder if you will ever come to terms with the loss, then please get in touch and see what grief & loss counselling with the therapists at Henze & Associates can offer to you.

      Learn more about that faith based perspective here.


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