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  • Anger management
  • Eating disorders
  • Anorexia Bulemia

Everybody needs a hero and, in your world, you`re it. Without the ability to stand and deliver what is required, the hero vanishes. In many cases, this need causes those in high profile positions to lead isolated existences. Often their lives are devoid of support for issues that, if exposed, could ultimately destroy them.

We provide alternatives. We render a discreet focused therapy for those issues that lurk in the shadows of relationships and families - those intimate and relational issues and fears that so often get out of control and ultimately become exposed.

In everyone`s life, there are times when pain or problems seem overwhelming. We are confident that the training we have undertaken not only is proven, but uniquely is suited to provide the discreet care required at these times.

What Henze & Associates are uniquely providing is a standard of discretion and confidentiality that far exceeds the industry standards. Our flexibility enables us to provide a safe atmosphere for the highest standards of Psychological Counseling where one has the ability to discover the inner parameters of grace, faith and freedom - crucial elements of the path of healing, growth and of a productive and happy life.

Henze & Associates - come, see a new dawn...




Christian Marriage Counselling for eating disorders

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