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What keeps people from getting the psychological counselling they need?

What keeps people from getting the psychological counselling they need?

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People do so many things on a whim. They choose careers, move locations, buy insanely expensive items and even get married, seemingly with almost no forethought whatsoever.

But when it comes to getting counselling, that rarely happens. I see maybe one person a year who decided to book a session with a Calgary psychologist on a whim.

When people finally come for counselling, they usually had decided to book a session and then backed out dozens of times before they finally took the plunge. When they recount this journey, our clients typically list off a host of fears they had to fight through, including the fear that their confidentiality will be breached or that they can not afford therapy. They express concerns that it won't work; they will be judged, talked over, plied with drugs or dismissed.

Many have already suffered through terrible experiences in publically funded therapies through the local health region. Some were given a new psychologist every single session and forced to wait months between appointments.

We get that.

People often put more forethought into choosing a marriage counsellor than they did for who they married!

Most of the medical community and so many psychologists treat those fears as nonsensical or just something people have to get over. We think they deserve serious answers. It's difficult enough to risk facing memories and parts of yourself you've kept submerged for years without having to put up with chaos and mistreatment.

The good news is that every one of those fears has an answer - and a good one. Watch this animation to learn how safe, good and effective the Calgary Counselling Services we offer can be. Then reach out and start your journey of healing today!


Christian Marriage Counselling for eating disorders

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