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Online Resources:

How may we direct you?

Whether you live around the corner or on the other side of the world, we hope we can still direct you to the healing and freedom you were created to enjoy.

The support links on this page are primarily for those seeking information about types of intimate and relational healing, treatment approaches, and related emotional health issues. General issue links are listed in the Henze & Associates Session Notes information portal

  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression
  • Psychotherapy

Resources for intimate and relational healing:
FAQ's about intimate and relational healing.
Experience the relationally transformative power of grace.

FAQ's about healing sexual anorexia and addictions.
Embrace the path of freedom available to you in Christ.

Session Notes
Henze & Associates information portal.

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Resources for marital intimacy:
The following links are of a sexual nature. They are intended to provide a non-offensive alternative for couples seeking resources to enhance their intimate lives together. Please do not follow these links if you are in any way offended by or in bondage to this type of material.

Covenant Spice
Dedicated to strengthening marriages and increasing playfulness and intimacy in your sex life. "We believe God created marriage to be a lifelong passionate romance. From bedroom toys to Christian sex manuals, from body toppings to romantic games, we have everything you need to keep the sparks flying in and out of the bedroom." Covenant Spice

The Covenant Spice website is nudity free, completely safe for your heart and even for work.

Kama Sutra Chair Canada
The Kama Sutra Chair - Now in Canada!!!

In all of our years of practice in the area of sex and relationships, the Kama Sutra Chair is far and away the finest marital aid we have ever had the privilege of experiencing. In conjunction with knowledge in the area, it facilitates the intensity of an integrated physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual oneness that is only possible through the beauty of extended sexual intimacy. So many products sacrifice intimacy for the sake of intensity. The Kama Sutra Chair sacrifices neither and multiplies both.

As long as you do not follow off-site links, the Kama Sutra Chair website is nudity-free, completely safe for your heart and even for work.

Meditation chairs

Probably some of the most elegant and well-crafted accessories to mindfulness-based therapy ever created.


Christian Marriage Counselling for eating disorders

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