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Finding our locations

Where to find us:

Our Locations:

We continue to operate our practice here in Calgary, Alberta out of two office locations:

The first is our external office in MayFair Place conveniently located just South of Glenmore Trail on Elbow Drive South West.

The second is a converted basement home office environment on Braeside Drive South West.

The Details:

MayFair Place
Unit #318,
6707 Elbow Drive South West
Calgary, Alberta, T2V-0E4

Please note that the easiest access to all of MayFair's parking areas is via South Bound Elbow Drive.

Access via North Bound Elbow Drive is only achieved by way of turning left or West at 68th Avenue South West and then following the narrow lane way around the rear of MayFair Place to the East side surface parking and access ramp to the underground parking areas.

MayFair Place Building Front Face

Please note: The building automatically locks its doors at 10:00pm. If arriving for our 10:00pm booking, please ensure you arrive no later then 9:45pm to ensure you are able to access the building.

To find us: As you come in the main entrance, the elevators to the commercial floors are through the doors to the left. Please take the elevator to the third floor and then turn right out of the elevator doors to find suite #318.

Free Parking:

All public parking at MayFair Place is COMPLETELY FREE for the first two hours (In spite of some rather confusing/misleading signs). This includes both above ground parking on two sides of the building as well as underground parking.

While it may not appear to be so from the somewhat limited surface parking, MayFair Place actually has a vast amount of parking availability (mostly underground) - even at the most busy times of day.

Please note: Parking beyond the two hour limit does require payment and is rigorously patrolled.

Home Offices:

(Mostly Roslyn's Office)

While Ros does sometimes see clients in our external location, she mostly operates from our home office.

Due to the rather stringent requirements of the Residential Business Home Occupation permitting people at City Hall, the address of our home office is only given out after a booking is confirmed.

For all of our practice locations, all sessions are by prior booking only.


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403 819 3545 (Text message capable) (iMessage capable)

403 819 3545, (Toll Free) 1 877 922 3143

Please email or text for information or bookings.

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