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Meet our key people:

Certified Professional Counsellor Registered Christian Counsellor
Cal H. Henze B.A., M.A., R.Psych
Mr. Henze possesses a Bachelor`s degree in Psychology and a dual major Master`s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. Mr. Henze has provided Christian marital co-counseling and counseling services to adults, couples and families. In psychological counselling sessions, Mr. Henze is able to address client concerns in couple relationship, family conflict, sexual/physical abuse, sexual/chemical addictions, sexual struggles, grief/loss and many individual psychological difficulties including Depression and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Cal is a Registered Psychologist.

Professional Seal for Cal H. HenzeTheravive Profile: Cal H. Henze, MA Psychology, MA CounselingTherapist In Calgary, AB verified by Psychology Today
Registered Christian Counsellor Certified Professional Counsellor
Roslyn E. Hansen-Henze B.S.W., M.A.
Ms. Hansen-Henze possesses a Bachelor`s degree in Social Work and a Master`s in Counseling. Ms. Hansen-Henze works with children, teens, adults, couples and families with a special focus on women's interests. During Christian Counseling sessions, Ms. Hansen-Henze addresses client concerns in sexual/physical/elder/emotional abuse, depression, anger, sexual struggles, self esteem as well as family violence and conflict resolution.

Professional Seal for Roslyn Hansen-HenzeTheravive Profile: Roslyn Hansen-Henze, BSW, MA CounselingCounselor In Calgary, AB View My Profile on Christian Counselor Directory
Staff meeting of our Associates at our Elbow Drive location featuring just a few of our Registered Psychologists, Registered Christian Counsellors, Certified Professional Counsellors and Pre-Licensed professionals seated at our boardroom table.
Just some of our Elbow Drive location associates!
We are privileged to work with an amazing and incredibly gifted multi-disciplinary team spread across a variety of different locations which includes Registered Psychologists, Clinical Supervisors, Registered Christian Counsellors, Certified Professional Counsellors and Pre-Licensed professionals. We work together, market together and act as referral sources for each other so the best care possible is provided for all who seek our help.

Some of our associates hold more general focuses while others are highly specialized in areas including Career and Workplace Issues, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Grief and Trauma Therapy, Psychometric Assessment, Organic Brain Injury, Marriage/Couples Counselling, Human Sexuality, Addiction, Youth and Adolescent and many other areas.

Our goal is to eventually be a one-stop center with a roster of trusted professionals able to handle almost any concern our clients may seek to address in a relaxed, comfortable and high quality environment.


Christian Marriage Counselling for eating disorders

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