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Christian Counselling for stress and anxiety in Calgary.

Coping with anxiety and stress, while fixing the real problem.

Christian Counselling for stress and anxiety in Calgary.

Have you been feeling restless lately? Does it seem like you are constantly anxious or on edge with your muscles always tense? Has that left you feeling easily fatigued and cranky?

Has your anxiety gotten to the point that it is keeping you from sleep and, if you manage to get to sleep, it's restless and unsatisfying? Are you constantly loosing your train of thought?


When you look at your life, does it seem as if all of your gauges of stress are either redlined or running close to empty? Is anxiety growing as you wonder if you even have what it takes any more?

If you or someone you love is living life tense, stressed, high-strung, anxious and close to panic, then perhaps it's time to reach out and see how Henze & Associates can offer you real change:

  • Christian stress and anxiety counselling in Calgary
  • Christian anxiety counselling in Calgary
  • Stress and anxiety counselling in Calgary.

A life of feeling stalked.

Imagine what it would be like to live life with the stress of constantly expecting a crisis to happen - always on the alert for some kind of threat or emotional trauma? What it would feel like to anxiously scan the horizon seeking for sick people or germs - forever worried that they would make you sick or even just being around those people would cause you to feel sick?

Then imagine that fear grew until those uncontrollable worries would begin happening in the middle of the night. You wake in a panic, dizzy, shaking, soaked with sweat, your heart racing, chest so tense you can't get a full breath of air, feeling like your throat has closed off and you are about to have a heart attack. Soon, you are so anxious even afraid to go to sleep.

Now, imagine that anxiety has gone on for so long that all of your energy reserves are gone, the stress and fatigue has become crushing and you feel like you are on the edge of completely burning out. Sometimes, you wonder if you are loosing your mind -- other times you are sure you are.

That's anxiety and panic disorder...

Know that you are not alone.

Anxiety and panic are disorders that are so widespread they are considered the, "Common cold," of mental illness. Nearly everyone will experience them within their lifetime. Yet, anxiety and panic disorder is so crippling that most everyone who has it seems afraid to talk about it. That hiddenness only perpetuates the myth that those who struggle with anxiety or panic are strange and all alone - with no one who understands.

We're going to talk about it and what it means to go far beyond tolerable-recovery and actually heal anxiety, panic and stress.

But, first, we need to talk about how to cope

Take care of yourself.

Coping with feeling stressed or anxious requires getting and conserving all the physical, emotional and mental energy you have. That means getting enough sleep (With sleep meds if necessary.) It requires eating a high protein, high fat, high vegetable and low junk carb diet. And, it definitely means eliminating caffeine and alcohol from your diet and exercising daily.

Learn to control your breathing.

Mindfulness based meditation can be really helpful for those who struggle with anxiety and panic disorder in that it combines conscious control of your breathing with skills at tuning into all parts of you -- not just whatever you are worried about. Slow deep breaths into your diaphragm followed by equally slow exhalation can neutralize your nervous system's anxiety and stress response, calm your neural fear circuits and send your body the message that danger is past. That puts you back in control.

Practice, "Chunking."

When your thoughts and worries begin to race into the future, they create your perception of danger because they reduce your sense of control. Learning how far into the future you can think without becoming anxious or stressed is critically important. Begin to train your mind to focus on no larger of a chunk of time then what you can think about without getting anxious. At least in this present moment, you really are ok.

Focus on areas where you feel powerful.

People can tolerate far more pain without becoming anxious if they believe they have power over it. Your brain needs to feel powerful and, if you shift your focus onto things you can change, succeed at, win in and have impact upon, you have both stopped focusing on the worst case scenarios which generate your anxiety and panic and given your brain a much greater sense of control.

Address perfectionism.

Anxiety, panic and stress are all driven by the same unrealistic expectations about life and relationships that result in a paralysis of perfectionism. The development of reasonable expectations is essential to feeling powerful and feeling you have impact on what makes you feel stressed or anxious. You don't have to strive to be perfect - just focus on being good enough.

Make decisions based on, "Good enough."

When the fear center or amygdala in your brain activates, it is seeking to make some sort of action happen to avert a real or imagined danger. Making a decision, no matter how small, and taking steps towards it switches your brain from an anxiety, panic or worry mode into a thought and action mode and satisfies that need to do something. Just deciding and doing can also make you feel a lot better about yourself...

Recognize that none of the above fixes the problem.

Most or all of the above can be easily found described as a treatment or solution for anxiety and panic disorder on thousands of web sites.

It is not a treatment. It is not a solution and it will not fix stress, anxiety or panic disorder. It is nothing more then a coping strategy. There's nothing wrong with coping strategies - they can be incredibly useful and may help make life tolerable. But, tolerable recovery is not true healing and it's no way to go through life.

Get into Christian Counselling for stress, anxiety and panic disorder.

Real healing for anxiety starts at the heart and the way you handle thoughts, emotions, spirituality and relationships. It addresses the beliefs about yourself and the pain or trauma in which they were laid down. It gives you strategies for fixing anxiety and panic before it starts through making your unconscious systems conscious. Then it gives you back your rightful power over them and it puts you back in control of those triggered states where one unit of input energy seems to generate about a thousand units of anxiety and panic response.

When you start at the heart, you can fix the core mismanagement of thoughts and emotions that create stress, anxiety and panic. When you fix the core problem, you can finally end the cyclical trigger-relapse-recovery cycle that so seems to dominate this area. Our 17 years of practice in Calgary as Christian Counsellors can give you the tools to simultaneously address both the mental, emotional and the spiritual aspects of anxiety and panic and give you the power to change your life for good.

If you're looking for counselling for stress, anxiety and panic disorder that really works and holistically addresses all parts of your being, then perhaps it is time to reach out and see what Henze & Associates can offer to you?

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