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More Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources

Sexual Recovery Links and Resources:

Recovery Links and Resources for Sexual Addiction

Much of the treatment for Sexual Addiction requires one on one psychological counselling or couples counselling/marriage counselling to fully address the pain, trauma and the inabiity to get needs met as we were designed to meet them.

But, sometimes, those individual meetings with a Christian Psychologist simply arn't enough. Sometimes, the problems are so severe that inpatient treatment is required. Other times, there is simply a need to be part of a larger community of healing.


Sometimes too, the more research-oriented sexual addiction counselling clients we see are simply thirsty for any and all information they can acquire so they can help themselves. We attempt to meet all of those needs as best we can.

Please explore the links below for therapy options that may more precisely meet the individual needs you are bringing to therapy or contact us directly for further help:

  • Sex addiction counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Christian counselling for infidelity and affairs


What other resources (Christian or otherwise) can you point me towards?


In-patient treatment:
St. Judes Treatment Center

Other Links:
Smart Recovery Calgary (Really the ONLY addictions group in Calgary anyone should be attending.)

Or contact us - Henze & Associates provides online care.

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Christian Marriage Counselling for eating disorders

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