God’s Spirit Witnessing to Your Spirit

God’s Spirit Witnessing to Your Spirit

God’s Spirit Witnessing to Your Spirit

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Q&A: Where did you learn all this about grace and the Bible?:

“ That something that keeps drawing you back to the truth that seems frightening is the very life of God within you. You have already made it obvious to me that something seems wrong to you about the fear-based teachings you have learned. Who do you think really makes you know that? Yeah, the Spirit of God within you. The reason that the freedom of Christ makes a connection with you is that it speaks to the real you … the one who has been set free. His Spirit witnesses with your spirit. Book knowledge will always be something that you try to apply, but the knowledge of God actually works within you.”

This is a solid article on encouraging us not to be satisfied with finding an answer to have one or sticking to basic teachings of the “ Christian” religious faith. This security/safety may not be of God.

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