Rules Vs Christ’s Love

Rules Vs Christ’s Love

Rules Vs Christ’s Love

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Q&A: The Damned Oldness of the Letter:

“  Mostly hear bondage in the so-called ”defense“ of the ”inspired word of God“.  That damned oldness of the letter!!!  I can hear so clearly the words of the religious as they stood upon the inspired words of Moses!!

  Hypocrites we were, huh?  Written words, written standards, written modes of comparison, written traps of logic, written formulas, written principles – all supposedly brought to completion in one leather-bound volume that is said to be the only source by which we can know God and/or truth.  Yuck, puke, vomitous lies all intended to bring us back under a ” written in stone“ kind of relationship with God that never worked before and can never work in any circumstances!!! 
Law came through Moses, grace came through Christ!!!”

The is an excellent, bold, brief article explains the difference between law and Christ. I pray the lies of only knowing God and His truth from the Bible would be replaced in believing Him/His Finished Work in us. Believers are new/soft/willing at every moment in our hearts and not sinners. Although we do have the choice to live under the law which seems to create hardness/disobedience of the heart. This tends to leads to sin.

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