Christ under control?

Christ under control?

Christ under control?

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John Fischer

We’ve got to do something about Jesus. Tone Him down somehow. Make Him fit more into our idea of twentieth-century spirituality. Maybe it’s these new translations that are causing the problem. King James’s English kept Him comfortably distant, slightly removed from reality; but the new translations make Him appear so . . . well, so cringe . . . human.

If He was really human, then we have a big problem – then we, too, have to grapple with our humanity. Oh no, please Anything but that. Save me. Heal me. Sign, seal and deliver me, but don’t make me deal with real life. Don’t tell me my everyday is a spiritual experience. Let me keep my spirituality separate from my humanity. Let me keep it in nice, neat devotional compartments so I don’t have to think about how I live.

That’s what is beginning to bother me about Jesus. He was so normal. Take His first miracle as a case in point. He kept a party going. He saw the wine was giving out, so He changed 180 gallons of water into wine. It almost looks like He enjoyed people having a good time. That’s downright unspiritual. Christians aren’t supposed to be at parties like that in the first place, much less providing the wine. I’ll bet people were even dancing. This is very disturbing.

Another quote from one of my favorite heretics…

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