Grace in Our Freedom to Others

Grace in Our Freedom to Others

Grace in Our Freedom to Others

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“You don’t need to have a kind of ‘in your face’ grace approach exclaiming your freedom to those who ‘just don’t quite get it’. Now, there may be a time where you do need to take a stand on God’s grace and freedom in the church, but I’m talking everyday life here. The general rule of thumb when it comes to personal relationships with those who do not understand God’s incredible gift of grace for a living is simply more ‘grace’. What does that look like? We’re to act ‘in love’, even to the point of refraining from the freedom we think is perfectly fine to protect our relationship with other believers. It’s humble, accepting and encouraging approach to those who might differ with us. Limiting your freedom on behalf of another is not a compromise of grace but more sacrifice of love. Allow Christ to love through you…at times, it will be a sacrifice.”

This is a great article on extending grace when we differ about our beliefs.

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