Just Showing Understanding

Just Showing Understanding

Just Showing Understanding

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Conflict Resolution Without Words – Positive Living Television:

“If you believe that you or your partner are bad or wrong for your feelings, behavior, or point of view, then you will not be able to let go of judgment. You will move toward compassion when you understand and accept that each of you has very good reasons for your feelings, behavior, and point of view. Try compassionately accepting yourself and your partner and see what happens!”

Although I do not agree with some of the wording of some points, this article offers some basic great points to facilitate openness. GOD GAVE US OUR FREEDOM, BY JESUS TAKING AWAY OUR/THE SINS OF THE WORLD TO SEE THINGS OUR WAY. HE DOESN’T ENFORCE HIS VIEW ON US, ESPECIALLY IN CONFLICT. WE CAN ASK HIM. MAY IT BE SO FOR OUR WORLD.

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