It might not just be a market correction…

It might not just be a market correction…

It might not just be a market correction…

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Center for a Stateless Society.

And postwar record levels of long-term unemployment and underemployment mean that people will seize on any opportunity to shift basic needs toward self-provisioning in the household, informal, gifting and barter sectors. Unprecedented new technical possibilities are coming into existence at just the time when the desperate incentives to adopt them are also at an unprecedented level. It’s a perfect storm.

When the storm is over, the outcome will be a society in which the hollowed-out shells of state and corporate hierarchies – to the extent they exist at all – will be in constant retreat. In their place will be a society of neighborhood micro manufacturers, neighbourhood and community permaculture operations, low-overhead household microenterprises, and digital currencies, all networked together on an encrypted darknet economy.

When motive, means and opportunity coincide, the “consciousness” will take care of itself.

You know, sometimes you have to look to the fringe groups and the crazy people to provide a mirror for that which is too close to yourself to see. Kevin Carson may be one of those people — but this is about as clear a vision of what is actually going on in the massive cultural, financial and social upheaval currently rioting on the streets of london, wearing masks in front of financial centers, funding projects on KickStarter and preparing to make 3D printers accessible to 10yr olds.

Governments, long bowing before the purse strings of their Movie, Record and Industrial Industry overlords, no longer have credibility and the media sources they own are no longer believed. People are talking to other people, financing other people, teaching other people and, on both religious and social fronts, refusing to take orders from the age-old channels of power. Those holding the reins of power are panicking, of course, and acting like this is some sort of new fascist revolution in disguise that will destroy the world as we know it.

And, it could be true.

OR, those power brokers could simply be getting collectively fired by a society which, “No longer requires their services,” as the costs of people getting enough communication contact with each other (such that they no longer need to be told what to think by others) have fallen to near-zero.

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