I think I’ve seen this before…

I think I’ve seen this before…

I think I’ve seen this before…

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Falkvinge on Infopolicy

If you want leadership in a swarm, you stand up and say “I’m going to do X because I think it will accomplish Y. Anybody who wants to join me in doing X is more than welcome.” Anybody in the swarm can stand up and say this, and everybody is encouraged to. This quickly creates an informal but tremendously strong leadership structure where people seek out roles that maximize their impact in furthering the swarm’s goals – all happening organically without any central planning and organization charts.

At the bottom line, what sets a swarm apart from traditional organizations is its blinding speed of operation, its next-to-nothing operating costs, and its large number of very devoted volunteers. Traditional corporations and democratic institutions appear to work at glacial speeds from the inside of a swarm. That’s also why a swarm can change the world: it runs in circles around traditional organizations, in terms of quality and quantity of work, as well as in resource efficiency.

Scratch that. I know I’ve seen this plan before. It’s about 2000yrs old.

It’s how Jesus trained His disciples to take over the world.

Pity we barely lasted out another lifetime before we sold out to the system we were in the process of defeating…

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