How do You Know He/She’s The One?

How do You Know He/She’s The One?

How do You Know He/She’s The One?

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After all, God could have had other plans for Tiffany. Yet several key things had given me confidence:
Tiffany and I had built our relationship on a foundation of… FAITH. Jesus, and His will for our lives, was (and is) the center of our desires. He defined our self-worth, not the status of having someone to date.
. . . FRIENDSHIP. We’d spent a little more than two years getting to know each other. This meant countless hours having fun together and asking each other hard questions. True intimacy always grows slowly out of the solid soil of knowing each other casually and intently.
. . . SUPPORT. We kept our relationship within sight of our families. One of the first steps I took was to ask Tiffany’s dad for his permission to get married, as well as his blessing on our life together.

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