Just Faith in the Finished Work of Christ

Just Faith in the Finished Work of Christ

Just Faith in the Finished Work of Christ

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Shovel Writings: Faith:

“ Friend: what about taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ?
Shovel: consider it thru
Friend: yes, I realize that in the war, we fight ‘from’ victory and not ‘for’ victory
Shovel: how could ANY thought be taken CAPTIVE? … and then consider it says, EVERY thought
Friend: only Christ by controlling our minds can do this job … I want Him to do so!!!
Shovel: yes … it is as we go thru our stuff we are walking by faith … that means having your eyes on something that sounds stupid, foolish to our logical mind
Friend: I know that in Romans 6 that we are to continually reckon ourselves to be dead to sin and alive to God, (resting in what is true)
Shovel: yes … doesn’t that sound ethereal
Friend: many legalists believe that this is a ‘work’ to make it true and that is, of course, a lie from hell ”

It is difficult to comprehend that even our beliefs can be “works”or legalism. This is an excellent point form article showing how spiritual words can be viewed in a fleshy way. “ Jesus allow me to see only in the Spirit.”

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