• Definition of Sexual Addiction
    Definition of Sexual Addiction
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    Sexual addiction – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:“According Patrick Carnes (Out of the Shadows) – the cycle begins with the ”Core Beliefs“ that sex addicts hold:”I am basically a bad, unworthy person.“”No one would love me as I am.“”My needs are never going to be met if I have to depend on others.“”Sex is my most important need.“These beliefs drive the addiction on its progressive and destructive course:Pain agentFirst a pain agent is triggered / emotional discomfort (e.g. shame, anger, unresolved conflict) Sex addict is not able to take care of the pain agent in a healthy way.Disassociation.Prior to acting out sexually, the sex addict goes through a period of mental preoccupation or obsession. Sex addict begins to disassociate (moves away from his feelings).

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  • The Fear of Too Much Grace
    The Fear of Too Much Grace
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    Now, it’s often said that too much grace will lead to sin, but what in the heck does that mean? Oh, we have adopted this cute little word called, licentiousness, which reminds us that too much of a good thing is bad for you …… Yeah, yeah, we can play the word games, but the too much grace we refer to is the same that comes through Jesus.“This is a good point.

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  • Licience to Sin?
    Licience to Sin?
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    Shovel Writings: A Bogus Deception?:“ sure don’t remember thinking it was ”OKAY“ to sin …… Well, if it’s not what you or I believe, then why are we wasting so much time and energy trying to convince each other that we don’t believe it? Could this be yet another in the continuing series of deceptions we feel obligated to defend?

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  • Dying to Self
    Dying to Self
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    Shovel Writings: Counting the cost:“His message to man was simple: you don’t have what it takes to follow Me. This only highlights the amazing reality of God’s grace toward us in making us the righteousness of God and giving us His Spirit…. Jesus will give the sufficiency, not ourselves.

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  • Living By Faith Not sight
    Living By Faith Not sight
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    Shovel Writings: Faith:“Adding a phrase like ”in Christ“ cannot salvage this flawed concept; for it turns the focus on the ”dependence“ and NOT on Christ…. BOTTOM LINE: If you are one who believes in Christ, then you have been made alive in Him — AND YOU ARE DEPENDENT UPON HIM FOR YOUR VERY LIFE…. The good news of Jesus Christ declares this reality to you for the purpose of bringing confidence to you so that you can live in the awareness of what is already true about you.

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  • Freedom From Sin
    Freedom From Sin
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    But it wouldn’t be “good” if Jesus hadn’t really freed us from our sins. Or don’t you know that what He did removes you from the indictment of “whoever sins”?… Well, then — don’t you know who He has made you to be?“This is what we really need to be focusing on in sharing the Good News!

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  • Jesus Took Sin out of the Way
    Jesus Took Sin out of the Way
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    No, He wasn’t mad and, therefore, needed to have His anger appeased — that’s the closest men can figure it — He could not reconcile ANYTHING without doing away with the source of the problem, which is everything that is not consistent with Himself…. God doesn’t remember your sins against you and, therefore, does not HOLD them against you! Are you afraid He might discover something that Jesus didn’t take care of?“This statement makes me wonder if we are defending this Good News or offense which He already took away.

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  • The Danger of Mixing the Old and New Covenant
    The Danger of Mixing the Old and New Covenant
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    It was based upon the same principles we learned as children: do good and be rewarded, do bad and get punished! It convinced us that the only way around our hopeless situation is to LOOK like you were doing good and not doing bad…. After the people failed miserably in their attempts to be good, God brought about His promised miracle: people who would from the heart operate from love.

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