Parenting with the Focus on Jesus

Parenting with the Focus on Jesus

Parenting with the Focus on Jesus

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Q&A: How to discipline daughter in rebellion?:

“”Grades“ have become like gods to us. What is your real concern in knowing that her grades have slipped? The fact that her grades have fallen simply points to the fact that she has become distracted. Not unusual for a 15-year-old girl – especially considering her situation with a mom and a dad who don’t live together anymore. I’m not rebuking you in any way, just adding it all together to give a fuller picture of her world.

Once again, consider this: grades vs. relationship. The picture will always become clear when you can see what you’re dealing with. :)I personally think it is wise on your part to not buy her a car – for what would be the real purpose of it? Don’t let the temporary sense that ” Daddy loves me because he bought me a car!“ fool you into thinking it will do anything in the long run as far as showing your daughter that you love her. I appreciate your concern for your daughter and thank you for taking the chance to ask me what you did. I look forward to continuing our discussion. :)”

I love that the author believes children can be believers of Jesus. It makes a good point that depending on your microculture something may be considered better or worse. It still is a narrow-minded perspective. I am not saying anything goes.
As parents, we need to realize that what we model, ourselves is most important. Loving her for who she is, not who you would like her to be. I pray so for all us parents.

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