When Christ is Your Reality You Love

When Christ is Your Reality You Love

When Christ is Your Reality You Love

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Q&A: Christ and my job:

“ Just remember that we are not bound by the rules of the world,
including the (company) world. Their rules are THEIR rules, they are not OUR
rules. I have found I can submit to THEIR rules simply because I know
who I am because of who is my life.

They want me to take out the trash,
I can take out the trash. They want me to fill out a form, no problem.
My freedom is not found in resisting their sometimes silly or
superfluous rules, my freedom is found in the reality that I am truly
free in Christ.  I have discovered time and time again that the life of
Christ has blown away the idea that I need their rules in order to
truly accomplish the real stuff.”

This is a good article on the difference between living under the law vs Christ. Unrealistic demands and definitions will not produce love for God, others or ourselves.

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