Bread vs. stones

Bread vs. stones

Bread vs. stones

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What is hateful… is not rebellion but the despotism which induces the rebellion; what is hateful are not rebels but the men, who, having the enjoyment of power, do not discharge the duties of power; they are the men who, having the power to redress wrongs, refuse to listen to the petitioners that are sent to them; they are the men who, when they are asked for a loaf, give a stone.

(Speech in the House of Commons, 16 March 1886, in Oscar Douglas Skelton, Life and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1921), 321)

What is more interesting in our present society is how we have run a constant campaign of the opposite and codified it into law (even when nearly the entirety of society wants the opposite laws passed) in the name of the good of that society…

It’s almost like they are begging for that rebellion – and not because they think they will lose…

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