Proof of intelligent life in Colorado?

Proof of intelligent life in Colorado?

Proof of intelligent life in Colorado?

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Denver Post

As if getting married wasn’t complicated enough, a proposed ballot initiative would require mandatory pre-wedding education before couples could say “I do.”

Lumped onto the hours spent debating centrepieces, picking a photographer, finding the perfect dress and corralling future in-laws, the proposed Colorado Marriage Education Act calls for 10 hours of pre-wedding marriage education.

If either the bride- or groom-to-be is marrying for the second time, the requirement kicks up to a minimum of 20 hours. It goes up to 30 hours for a third- time’s-the-charm.

A re-marrying widow would be held to the same standard as a first-timer. The law would not apply to civil unions.

You know, as much as this is crazy and will never pass, it’s possibly the most intelligent initiative I’ve seen in years. We demand hours of education to have a babysitting license — yet zero education to be the parents of the children in charge of creating a stable marriage and loving home for the child.

And, a fourteen yr old can easily learn all of the skills required for a successful marriage, if someone would just start teaching them…

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