Jesus Took Sin out of the Way

Jesus Took Sin out of the Way

Jesus Took Sin out of the Way

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Shovel Writings: Forgiven:

“ He forgives because He DID SOMETHING about it!  He took sin out of the way by killing His Son for the offences .  No, He wasn’t mad and, therefore, needed to have His anger appeased — that’s the closest men can figure it — He could not reconcile ANYTHING without doing away with the source of the problem, which is everything that is not consistent with Himself.
BOTTOM LINE:  A person is forgiven because there is NOTHING held against them because the offending stuff has been REMOVED!  God’s ”forgetfulness“ of our sins is not from senility, but from the fact that there is NOTHING to remember!  There is nothing to remember because of what Jesus did!  God doesn’t remember your sins against you and, therefore, does not HOLD them against you!  Are you afraid He might discover something that Jesus didn’t take care of?”

This statement makes me wonder if we are defending this Good News or offences which He already took away. It is key to the gospel.

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