• Just Faith in the Finished Work of Christ
    Just Faith in the Finished Work of Christ
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    Shovel: consider it thru Friend: yes, I realize that in the war, we fight ‘from’ victory and not ‘for’ victory Shovel: how could ANY thought be taken CAPTIVE?… that means having your eyes on something that sounds stupid, foolish to our logical mind Friend: I know that in Romans 6 that we are to continually reckon ourselves to be dead to sin and alive to God, (resting in what is true) Shovel: yes … doesn’t that sound ethereal Friend: many legalist believe that this is a ‘work’ to make it true and that is of course a lie from hell “It is difficult to comprehend that even our beliefs can be ”works“or legalism.

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  • Knowing Nothing But Christ and Him Crucified
    Knowing Nothing But Christ and Him Crucified
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    It’s not easy because you and I are so used to hearing others from our own perspective — and not from theirs. Why do you think people pay psychologists so much money to sit back and listen to them answer their own questions? What if we were to do this with each other, but our questions were driven by the desire “to know nothing among you except Christ and Him crucified (1 Cor2:2)”?

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  • A Caution About Writing Off Those With Whom You Disagree
    A Caution About Writing Off Those With Whom You Disagree
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    Shovel Writings: Time Out:“he error would be to overlook your feelings and to write me off as a confrontational heretic!… So, please don’t do the self-righteous, stoic thing by stuffing your feelings and justifying your position!… And so my question to you is this: while your head is filled with offended feelings and the desire to make yourself appear better, do you sense the undercurrent within you that you may actually be fighting against who you truly are?

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  • No Sin for Believers?
    No Sin for Believers?
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    Shovel Writings: The Issue of Salvation:“Salvation as an issue will always be up for grabs to whoever presents the most binding case based upon Scriptural proof-texts. Back to Top”The It is Finished argument will be debated until one realizes God’s Spirit is the final authority not Scripture.

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  • Religious Formulas
    Religious Formulas
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    Shovel Writings: The Religious Formula:“Such is the religious formula. And that’s what is being done witheach and every repetition of the ”sinners-prayer“. ”When we focus on the sin confess cycle we lose sight of that the Biblical letters are revealed as Jesus testimony that He took away sin.

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  • The Only Good News
    The Only Good News
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    Shovel Writings: A handle on grace:“ For whenwe categorize grace into doctrines, definitions, or nice little sayingsthat allow us to avoid the stuff that continues to haunt us we onlylearn how to mold it around those hidden fears, guilt and shame…. That’s why we add stuff to Christ even while stating that nothing canbe added.”This is the point. When we add the words of “life” or call attention to “mistakes”the gospel that Jesus finished sin is lost.

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  • Food Poisioning
    Food Poisioning
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    How to Treat Food Poisoning – eHow.com:“You can use over-the-counter medications to control vomiting or diarrhea, but it is usually better not to use anything for at least the first 6 or 8 hours. The bacteria or virus causing the problem will pass from your body faster if you don’t try to slow it down.”

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