• Do We Have Two Natures?
    Do We Have Two Natures?
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    Q&A: Can someone “walking in the Spirit” believe he has 2 natures?:“it’s not surprising to discover that even ”scriptural“ points of view will get infused with the very same fleshly attitude of the one telling it. As a prime example, I’m sure both of us have heard God’s wonderful grace incorporated into an arrogant doctrinal stance where those who ”hold“ it will somehow see themselves as if they deserve it…. :)”This is a good article that explores two senses of walking the Spirit.

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  • Trying vs Resting in Christ in Me
    Trying vs Resting in Christ in Me
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    >>>I don’t think we ever really get to an end of our “trying”, but our Father builds within us a quicker recognition of these vain attempts…. as you become more and more convinced that everything else is futile, except Christ … who is in us.“This is a very good article regardingfocusing on thanking God for giving us continued insights.

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  • Truth Confrontation
    Truth Confrontation
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    Q&A: Does sarcasm have any place in the truth?:“The INTENT of both Jesus and Paul was NOT to put down or insult, but to build up and encourage. They spoke in ways that caused the hearers to hear the truth by seeing the absurdity of the ”wisdom“ they grew up with. There are many instances of a ”subtle“ or ”witty“ use of reasoning in the language of Paul that might be described as ”tongue in cheek“.”This is a good article discussing the purpose of giving truth.

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  • Living by the Words of the Father and Not the Law
    Living by the Words of the Father and Not the Law
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    Q&A: Are NT commands the Lord’s “to do” list?:“It seems your friend has grossly misread what Jesus actually said, butit is a common mis-perception based upon a mind of legal expectations.For it is not upon every word that PROCEEDED or CAME out of God’s mouth…… However, it was not the words of God that hadbeen written on stone that Jesus lived by, for the dead letter didnothing for him. In fact, the Pharisees were often offended by hisflagrant disregard of what they had considered ”Every word that CAMEout of the mouth of God“.Jesus himself saw his father’s doings and did what he did; he heard hisvoice and spoke his words.

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