`Judging By Only Seeing Jesus in Believers

`Judging By Only Seeing Jesus in Believers

`Judging By Only Seeing Jesus in Believers

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Q&A: Can a believer live any way he pleases?:

“Can a born again believer live anyway he wants to and still be saved? >>>
This is a very common question. So common in fact that you may wonder why you don’t find it listed somewhere in the Q&A section. I suppose there are two related reasons.

1) There is a whole section (one of the very first added to the Shovel web site) devoted to the matter, and
2) The question pops up either rephrased or as an unspoken but underlying premise to many of the questions I hear.

The questions you’ve asked all pertain to a ”Christianity“ based upon a SOMETHING and not a SOMEONE. Being ”saved“ may include a lot of somethings, but only in relation to the one who has not only done these things but has also become the life of those who are ”saved“.”

This is a very clear article that we are to judge only by the spirit and not the flesh. We only see believers with Jesus in them period! I pray so.

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