Man ‘too fat’ to adopt

Man ‘too fat’ to adopt

Man ‘too fat’ to adopt

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London News

A man has been told he cannot adopt a child because he is overweight.

Damien Hall was told by Leeds city council that his weight – 24-and-a-half stone – made his morbidly obese.

The council told him his body mass index, BMI, was more than 42 and informed the 37-year-old it would have to drop to below 40 before he could be considered a potential parent due to risks he could become ill or die.

Just for a little entertainment, let’s swap, “Fat,” out and replace it with, “Functionally rotating five way polyamorous union currently consisting of two women, one post-operative transsexual male who self identifies as a lesbian and two bisexual men.”

Wow, look at all the politically correct masses lining up to decry the obvious absence of stability in this one — oh wait, ya… Never mind.

Isn’t political blindness correctness entertaining? It can actually maintain a straight face as it determines that this dude who, (Fat or not) has a pretty good chance of living for the next two decades, offers a less stable home for these children then the above…

Yep, clearly it’s all about the children…

Libertarian thought has been right here all along: Governance should always be handled by the lowest order of organization capable of managing it — because as soon as it rises above that level, it’s taken over by ideologues and nitwits who really should be told to just crawl back down their holes and shut up…

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