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Foothills Hospital Sleep Clinic

Foothills Hospital Sleep Clinic

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Respiratory Homecare Companies

There are several homecare companies within Calgary that we use for our trials of CPAP. These companies can also perform the same at-home sleep study (SnoreSat) to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. You:

Need to be referred directly to the company by your family physician.

Will be charged for the SnoreSat (approximately $150). This is the only fee that will be charged.

If you purchase a CPAP machine you would either pay for it yourself or have insurance coverage.

This is no different than if you came to the Sleep Centre.

Results will be interpreted by a sleep specialist but you do not see the specialist.

Family doctor discusses the results with you and gets you on the appropriate therapy (CPAP, dental appliance, urgent referral to the Sleep Centre…)

The companies are likely able to do this testing within 2 weeks.

Once you follow-up with your family physician they are also able to get you onto CPAP therapy within a couple of weeks.

This is a very quick, safe approach for many patients to be assessed for obstructive sleep apnea.”

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