Speed healing of mental illness

Speed healing of mental illness

Speed healing of mental illness

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There’s one caveat, however. Your dedicated commitment to making holistic lifestyle changes. These strategies are designed to work together so that all factors are addressed in some way. Simply put, failing to address one of these factors, lowers the effectiveness of your attempts to address the others. /

Any approach worthy of your best efforts must necessarily be holistic in nature. For optimal results, these strategies work together to boost emotional, mental, physical healing – naturally. And yes, after more than a century of being conditioned to think of our body and brain as distinct parts, we all need to keep reminding ourselves that the body, mind and emotional (spiritual) self are part of one system.

It’s all about taking a proactive approach to:

Learn what your body and mind need to be healthy.
Recognize what is toxic to your mental and physical health, and avoid or replace them with healthy options.
Accept that the care of your mental, emotional and physical self are intrinsically connected.
Become aware of your options and the power of your moment-by-moment choices.
Fully embrace the responsibility for self-directing your own healing with a holistic approach.
When you treat your mind, emotions and body as one system, the positive benefits not only strengthen your confidence and ability to regulate your emotions but also transform your attitude toward emotional pain and health. A system operates like a baby mobile, thus, what affects one aspect affects the whole system.

Taken together, the above strategies give you a choice to make a determined commitment to take the reins as captain of your emotional and physical state of being, and to employ the available strategies to consciously steer your life in the direction of personal health and healing.

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