• The nature of evil
    The nature of evil
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    When highly psychopathic inmates imagined themselves in these painful situations, they showed higher-than-normal activity in certain brain regions involved in empathy for pain. But these regions failed to become active when they imagined others in pain.

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  • Real healing for PTSD
    Real healing for PTSD
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    The Guardian

    Fury, paranoia, hypervigilance, overreaction to a perceived threat – all are common in a traumatized person. The psychologist who helped me to get better characterized the condition thus: imagine your memories are a conveyor belt of cardboard boxes heading towards a final point, where they are processed. But if something life-threatening disrupts that process, the box memories get stuck, trapped in the amygdala, that bit of the brain that triggers your fight or flight survival impulse.

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  • The value of play
    The value of play
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    The reason why play is such a powerful way to impart social skills is that it is voluntary. Players are always free to quit, and if they are unhappy they will quit. Every player knows that, and so the goal, for every player who wants to keep the game going, is to satisfy his or her own needs and desires while also satisfying those of the other players, so they don’t quit.

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  • Four characteristics of a spiritual abuser
    Four characteristics of a spiritual abuser
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    Donald Miller

    A Christian leader who is manipulative will:

    – Never be truly vulnerable. They will never tell stories about their weaknesses. If they do, those stories will be about how they are too strong, too devout and too many other things that are more or less humble brags.

    – Always have the true answer, and the truth is truth because they said it. The truth is the Bible is complex, but a manipulator knows they can’t get you to submit if they don’t have ALL the answers. Certainly trained pastors have answers, but nobody has all the answers.

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  • People are waking up!!!
    People are waking up!!!
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    Why does the MBTI remain so popular in spite of these problems? Murphy Paul argues that people cling to the test for two major reasons. One is that thousands of people have invested time and money in becoming MBTI-certified trainers and coaches. As I wrote over the summer, it’s awfully hard to let go of our big commitments.

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  • The transformative power of a new heart.
    The transformative power of a new heart.
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    Mr. Gorbachev’s surprise visit confirmed decades of rumours that, although he was forced to publicly pronounce himself an atheist, he was in fact a Christian, and casts a meeting with Pope John Paul II in 1989 in a new light.

    Mr. Gorbachev, 77, was baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church and his parents were Christians.

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  • Those who finish last.
    Those who finish last.
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    Seth Godin

    Natural talent is rewarded early and often. As Malcolm Gladwell has pointed out, most of the players in the NHL have birthdays in a three-month window, because when you’re 8 years old, being six months older is a huge advantage.

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  • Ten Mindful Minutes
    Ten Mindful Minutes
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    Ten Mindful Minuites

    No strange incense, no odd teas, no cultural or religious nonsense — just the straight goods on how to do dissociative meditation.

    A simple must watch.

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