We’ve moved!

We’ve moved!

We’ve moved!

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Nine months after starting on the project of finding a new (And so much nicer) home for my (Cal’s) external office, we finally did it!

Yes, we finally escaped from the cramped box that was the medical clinic – which had been our home since I commenced registration with the College of Alberta Psychologists… (Far longer then it was ever supposed to be…)

Effective Jan 16/2017 and for at least the next five years going forward, Cal’s new office address will be:

MayFair Place
Unit #318,
6707 Elbow Drive South West
Calgary, Alberta, T2V-0E4

The official directions page and a visual guide to getting inside is here for your perusal – and here are just a few shots to see what it’s now like inside!

The Alberts & Associates on the sign is Gerard Alberts – our rental partner and a fellow therapist I have known for over 18yrs. He is a brilliant psychometrician and business coach – and just an all around excellent person we are so blessed to work along side of.

(And anyway, he gets my warped sense of humour and twisted jokes – so what more could we ask?)

Office front viewchristian counselling calgary henze associates sign

New Office Side ViewOur new door

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