Pregnant After A Rape

Pregnant After A Rape

Pregnant After A Rape

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“For a time, Heather regretted telling anyone. ‘I felt my whole identity had changed. Heather the worship leader was now Heather, the one who had been raped.’ She couldn’t bear seeing people who knew her story, so she hid at home, embarrassed, isolated and alone.
‘But they [the community] loved me anyway,’ Heather said. Their care for my family was tangible, and they loved us so much that there wasn’t room in my heart for bitterness and shame. You can’t hold love and shame in your heart simultaneously.’
Just Love
As the months passed and Heather’s baby grew, so did her enthusiasm. Heather went shopping and bought clothes for herself as well as the necessary baby items. The experience was no longer tainted by painful memories. ‘It was a beautiful moment of receiving a new life,’ Heather said. The only emotion left was love.
Rachel is now a bubbly and energetic 9-year-old. She’s Daddy’s girl, and Steve is enthralled by her. There have been moments when he has looked at Heather and asked, ‘Can you imagine if we would have never had a daughter?'”

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