Believing Vs We Have Been Brought Into Faith

Believing Vs We Have Been Brought Into Faith

Believing Vs We Have Been Brought Into Faith

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Shovel Writings: The Application of Grace:

“As far as believing goes, we have been brought into faith. It’s going on the whole time. We become so sure that we don’t even believe Him so often, but then we find ourselves believing Him even though we find nothing left in ourselves. His Spirit witnesses with our spirits that we are His offspring even though everything around us demands that this is not possible. We do become quite aware of this real dependence from time to time, but the mistake is to think that our faith comes and goes. The truth is that WE grow in IT. I am amazed as how often I saw myself as being OUTSIDE of this faith, instead of being wrapped up inside it!!! :)Know this, that your ”miracle“ ears hear Him and you are encouraged and uplifted in faith in so many ways. Of course you will sense yourself being built up sometimes when reading or hearing the written words of the Bible (both the old writings, and the letters of the apostles). You will also discover the same in your encounters throughout the day – especially when you recognize how free you are to hear God in EVERYTHING!!”

This is a clear article on the whole disagreement about when you are saved/have a good heart. We do not have to try/apply, because like a bandage, it will come off The reason is: it is not a part of us. The Good News is that Christ, His qualities and risenness are, for He is in you!!!

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