• Performance Vs Freedom
    Performance Vs Freedom
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    And it shouldn’t take a brain-surgeon to figure out the motivation – this stupid little kid was getting his inheritance! Ishmael’s taunts would have been designed to undermine Isaac’s sense of identity, which is the same questioning of your own identity as a rightful heir of God through Christ…. But if you hear the simple lesson of Sarah and Abraham you will find that you have a reason to rejoice when you can’t see any fruit …

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  • No Comparisons
    No Comparisons
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    Shovel Writings: Christ & Him Crucified:“He then went on to throw their screwed up experiences in their faces, NOT TO SHAME THEM, but to drive home the reality of what the wisdom of the world had convinced them of and brought them to…. Compare me with yourself or with your group or with your standards and you have evaluated yourself by how well you rate in comparison to me or with those standards! Rate me by how many doctrines I agree with you on and you have automatically rated yourself as the standard by which I am to be judged in the matter.

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    I, too, had defined forgiveness by the human process I went through in attempting to “let go of” my hurt feelings or anger…. Our desire is therefore not for the “how to,” but rather to stay focused on Christ…. EVEN THOUGH IT APPEARS THERE ARE OFFENCES THEY DO NOT EXIST IN CHRIST.

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  • Others Provoking us to Anger
    Others Provoking us to Anger
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    Shovel Writings: Forgiveness Response:

    “Your emotions are letting you know that you are viewing yourself and/or others by your yardstick … while the gospel declares that your yardstick is the thing you have been saved from … he snapped it into little bitty pieces. Chances are that if the emotions are hanging on after seeing the situation in the reality of Christ that those emotions are being stirred up by something else. I have often discovered that my hateful feelings were not really about the person who said something derogatory to me, but in the simple fact that I had been damning myself in that particular thing for years! Once I got past the bogus notion that SOMEBODY ELSE was to blame for my feelings of inferiority I was able to see the obvious fact that my anger was toward myself! But I had for the longest time transferred the blame, and therefore, the corresponding feelings to another. And so I tried and tried in vain to forgive them (or even to see them in Christ) … and I wondered why I felt these things toward them.
    And, in this, I am once again presented with the reality of life vs. death. My Father has given me something tangible to behold and to declare that THIS TOO has been removed by Christ! This is His Spirit witnessing with my spirit and it is saturated with life.”

    This is an excellent point about the real source of anger towards others. I pray we stop measuring one another and ourselves.

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  • Overreaching Relationships
    Overreaching Relationships
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    Give it some time to let the awkwardness and pain go away before trying to be best buds with the girl…. Sounds like you’re trying to put words in her mouth—and feelings in her heart…. The lesson to remember here is that when a girl says she doesn’t like you like that, she means .

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  • Physical Relationship Questions
    Physical Relationship Questions
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    After all, prolonged kissing won’t make you a sex addict, will it?“No…. While your lips are busy, there’s nothing to do with your hands…. It has to do with the level of true commitment one has with each other.

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  • Why Do I Want A Serious Relationship?
    Why Do I Want A Serious Relationship?
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    Yeah, we know: She’s fun, pretty, spiritually strong, and a good friend. You love hanging out with her, and you’ve started wondering about taking things to the next level—you know, a relationship…. And you’re getting great practice in learning how to relate to the opposite sex.So in all your deep contemplation, ask yourself these questions:• Why do I want this girl friend to become my girlfriend?“These are some excellent questions to ask regarding the timing of a serious relationship.

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  • Performance Vs God’s Measureless Grace
    Performance Vs God’s Measureless Grace
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    Shovel Writings: The grace of an ’A’:

    “In rebuilding a system of performance relationships are severed. For we not only find ourselves at odds with one another but also with our own selves – and we also insist that GOD relates to us on the same basis. But the grace of Christ is measureless. His riches cannot be determined by any standard of the man. And it has no lines by which to attach a score.
    So, how are we to live in a world that is built upon such a system of measure? Simple. Live as one who has been made alive. Don’t you know that the measuring system of the world is NOT your measuring system? Don’t you know that you ALREADY have within you the life that the world only PRETENDS to achieve? If we are going to operate within the world we will often be forced to take its tests, but the world’s evaluation of you is irrelevant for your worth is in Christ. Don’t spiritualize the world’s system, instead, see it for what it is. The difference between grace and law will become increasingly obvious!!”

    This is a good article on how even grace can be measured. However, we are still operating under the world’s system, which we are not to do. The laws of the land are God’s administration so the world does not destroy itself.

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  • God in Us
    God in Us
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    Shovel Writings: The Word made Flesh:

    “ I thank the Lord when the angels said peace on earth toward men because of Jesus Christ. This year my eyes have been open to the true peace which is resting in the work of God threw Jesus Christ. Knowing He lives in me and made me one with Himself. I am so thankful that He has given me a new life to identify with and that we have peace with God threw Jesus Christ.I thank the Lord for opening peoples eyes to this truth Love

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    Shovel Writings The SHOVELETTER : Random Letters 2001
    Re: The Word made Flesh

    Posted: Sep-06-03 by the shovel 
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    Dan, I am thrilled that you are seeing your reality in Christ – for this is true freedom!!!”

    This is an excellent article stating there needs to be Peace of earth because of Jesus rising on the cross. It is what the angels proclaimed after His birth. This is our reality in Christ which is true freedom. When we let Jesus walk through us as He really is, this is our Freedom to be truly alive.

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  • The Lies That Need to Be Given to God
    The Lies That Need to Be Given to God
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    She almost gave him back the ring.Dave wanted to scream, that it wasn’t his idea to kiss in the first place…. Scars don’t go away.When the wedding day came, technically Dave and his bride were still virgins…. When they finished unwrapping it the night they got married, it wasn’t much of a surprise.Years later, Dave still feels the sting of his wrong choices.

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