So, what’s a woman good for anyway?

So, what’s a woman good for anyway?

So, what’s a woman good for anyway?

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Ros found this a few days ago. It almost stands to be posted without comment…

But I do wonder, how many ministers in the world would be willing to put this up on their PowerPoint display this Sunday??? Perhaps then they could then recycle last year’s modesty sermon and deliver it again???

Or, perhaps we need to start thinking about the difference between modesty, and shame… Perhaps we could include in that stream of consciousness a few thoughts about exactly how a woman exerts her God-designed role of drawing, nurturing, enticing and calling to live if her power to seduce to such is stripped away? Maybe we could also consider how limited we now consider femininity to be and why we seem to mostly expect women to be like men if they are to be taken seriously?

Perhaps we need to start to really start to ask what we think a woman is good for anyway???

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