A pill to help you find a reliable man???

A pill to help you find a reliable man???

A pill to help you find a reliable man???

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Science Of Relationships

Let’s talk first about the pill’s implications for the types of guys that heterosexual women are attracted to. Naturally cycling women find different types of men sexy depending upon where they are in their cycle; when they are ovulating, they report greater attraction to “manly” men (i.e., guys with deep voices and chiselled faces). 1 In other words, ovulating women are likely to find George Clooney and James Bond-type men especially hot. Evolutionary psychologists reason that it was adaptive for women to swoon for masculine dudes when they are most fertile because these guys are likely to provide the best genetic material for baby-making. However, these guys aren’t necessarily the most reliable partners in the long-run (you know how every Bond movie turns out, right?), so during the other parts of their cycle, women tend to search for less macho-looking men who are perceived to be a bit more dependable. Thus, when they aren’t ovulating, women tend to be more attracted to the Zac Efron’s of the world (i.e., guys with more rounded and feminine faces).

In contrast, the mate preferences of women on the pill remain pretty stable and they do not show that same cyclical preferences for masculinity. The result of this is that women on the pill ultimately seem to pick partners who are more reliable and their relationships tend to last longer than those of naturally cycling women.2 Score one for the pill.

Over the years I’ve worked with a number of social workers who held that Birth Control medications should be added to the water supply and that couples should then have to pass a test to be administered the antidote. Obviously, the rationale behind that sort of wisecrack was the sober realization that some (often very abusive, irresponsible and dysfunctional) people should never be allowed near, much less to have, children.

Apparently, there’s an even better reason though: Putting Birth Control medications in the water supply may actually cause unreliable, aggressive, hyper-masculinized and even criminal tending DNA to be slowly culled from the gene pool…

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