• Why cheating happens.
    Why cheating happens.
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    Huffington Post

    Past research has suggested that infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce. But what drives a person to become unfaithful?

    Thanks to a new study published in Contemporary Family Therapy, we now have an inside look into why married women cheat.

    Researchers Michelle Jeanfreau, Anthony Jurich, and Michael Mong conducted case studies on four women aged 24 to 51 who cheated on their spouses and whose marriages subsequently ended in divorce.

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  • Are you still defending yourself?
    Are you still defending yourself?
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    Tiny Buddha

    See, some kinds of conflict threaten our sense of self. The fact that another person seems to have the power to hurt us makes us feel weak, unstable, and unsafe.

    In order to defend this sense of self and feel stronger, we may attempt to demonstrate our own power to hurt them back. Mature? No. Helpful? Definitely not. Kind of understandable? Yes.

    Personally, I hated how vulnerable I felt when my husband did something that hurt my feelings. I felt scared that he had the power to make me feel so upset.

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  • So, do you think your diet is working?
    So, do you think your diet is working?
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    Nerd Fitness

    Today I wanted to highlight the biggest/most successfully marketed programs out there, and give my humble thoughts on what I think is right and wrong with them, and how they could be better.

    Not that they’re asking for my help, it seems like they’re doing quite well! But for the other few hundred people a week, let’s clear up what works and what doesn’t.

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  • How safe is your workplace?
    How safe is your workplace?
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    Psych Central

    …here are five ways to start claiming back your power:

    Express your feelings instead of reacting to them. First, it’s essential that you have a daily self-reflective practice that allows you to work through feelings; I describe an effective method in this article. Then find a therapist who can help you work through intense feelings; a good one is worth every penny. She knows how to be compassionate as well as maintain good boundaries so as not to absorb your negative feelings. You can also bounce ideas off friends. Just make sure you are mindful of your impact on them and don’t wear out their ears.

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  • Wondering why the divorce rate is so high?
    Wondering why the divorce rate is so high?
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    Thought Catalog

    12 Things You Must Say Goodbye To After You Get Married

    1. Getting blackout drunk.

    No one thinks a blackout drunk married woman is worth their trouble. No one. Not even their husbands.

    2. Sleepovers.

    Unless you’ve told your husband in advance, a spontaneous sleepover is out of the question.

    3. Texting people of the opposite sex.

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  • Here’s why vacations and drugs DON’T mix…
    Here’s why vacations and drugs DON’T mix…
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    There are a limited amount of places where one can do drugs. Of those places, drug users select a certain few places where they prefer to do drugs and then do drugs most often at a select number of places that are convenient. Essentially, a regular drug user will often have a regular place to take their drugs. After they’ve done drugs regularly in the same place, the connection is made. A bathroom, a bedroom, a certain club, will always be associated with drug use. People trying to quit drugs often talk about how they have to avoid their old haunts because they feel a rush of anticipation.

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  • Why you need boredom…
    Why you need boredom…
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    Psy Blog

    While we tend to think of boredom as something that inevitably leads to trouble — drinking, gambling, antisocial behaviour — this research suggests different possibilities.

    More than anything, the feeling of boredom is a strong signal that we are stuck in some kind of rut and we need to seek out new goals.

    In the study above, this search led participants to new ideas.

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  • What really keeps people from going senile?
    What really keeps people from going senile?
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    National Post

    Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease experience a greater-than-normal decrease in the size of the hippocampus, which contributes to the difficulty in recalling newer memories while older ones remain intact.

    Studies indicate that regular aerobic exercise has been shown not only to slow age-related shrinking of the hippocampus but remarkably it can also reverse some of the wastings that have already occurred. A year-long, three-days-a-week walking program recovered as much as two years’ worth of volume previously lost in healthy, but sedentary, seniors.

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