There may be hope for this profession after all…

There may be hope for this profession after all…

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First Look

The top professional organization for psychologists is launching an independent investigation over how it may have sanctioned the brutal interrogation methods used against terror suspects by the Bush administration. The American Psychological Association announced this week that it has tapped an unaffiliated lawyer, David Hoffman, to lead the review.

In 2002, the American Psychological Association (APA) revised its code of ethics to allow practitioners to follow the ‚Äúgoverning legal authority‚Ä? in situations that seemed at odds with their duties as health professionals. Many argue that the revision, as well as a task force report in 2005 that affirmed that the code allowed psychologists to participate in national security interrogations, gave the Bush administration critical legal cover for torture.

The above linked history is mostly no longer news — but it still basically defies comment. (Other then that inherent to retching.)

Really, the only thing that makes this news again is that, maybe, we will finally see heads roll over it…

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