How to cope with stress and anxiety.

How to cope with stress and anxiety.

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Christian counselling for stress, anxiety and panic in Calgary.

A life of feeling stalked.

Imagine what it would be like to live life constantly expecting a crisis to happen – always on the alert for some kind of threat or emotional trauma? What it would feel like to constantly scan the horizon seeking for sick people or germs – forever worried that they would make you sick or even just being around those people would cause you to feel sick?

Then imagine that fear grew until those uncontrollable worries would begin happening in the middle of the night. You wake, dizzy, shaking, soaked with sweat, your heart racing, chest so tense you can’t get a full breath of air, feeling like your throat has closed off and you are about to have a heart attack. Soon, you are even afraid to go to sleep.

Now, imagine it has gone on for so long that all of your energy reserves are gone, the fatigue has become crushing and you feel like you are on the edge of completely burning out. Sometimes, you wonder if you are loosing your mind — other times you are sure you are.

That’s anxiety and panic disorder…

We have just added yet another permanent article to our site collection on basic practices for keeping stress, anxiety and panic at tolerable levels.

Stress, anxiety and panic are difficult areas for me to do S.E.O. on and not get really frustrated about. The vast majority of what passes as treatment for such is basically designed to keep people in therapy forever by only treating the symptoms. Yet, so much is written in that vein that Google doesn’t consider you a real site or to really be offering the service unless it sees a bunch of keywords that everyone else is using.

What I’d like to be writing about is how you fundamentally transform how the human heart sees itself, unlearn complex trauma, grieve pain and deal with the neuro-linguistic tasks of bringing the unconscious to conscious awareness – and then alter and re-submerge such. I’d like it to focus on the relational aspects of living life in hiding and address the religious/legalistic roots of guilt and shame based creation of anxiety. But, that just doesn’t give the Google Bots warm fuzzies…

So, the above linked is the best summary I can create of how you do nothing more then put a bandaid on stress, anxiety and panic — in hopes that it can maybe draw some people into longing for much more then a bandaid…

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