Why choose Christian Couple Counselling?

Why choose Christian Couple Counselling?

Why choose Christian Couple Counselling?

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Imagine you have been watching your marriage slip away for years.

Perhaps you finally got to wondering what he had been doing on that computer all of those late nights. You found a spare moment, logged in and started looking at his internet history. When you did, you were instantly greeted by thousands of erotic or pornographic web sites and the hours spent on sites for escorts. Instantly, you understand why he hasn’t been sexually interested in you once this month.


Perhaps you have felt the sting of her barely hidden resentment for years and, yet, could never figure out why she always claimed things were fine. But, tonight, when she left her phone unlocked, you started seeing text messages from a co-worker popping up on the screen. A few minutes of browsing them suddenly has offered you a very clear picture of why she has had to work late so often this year — and how little hope she has left for the future of your marriage.

The next few days pass in a whirlwind of the first denial, then anger, then furious recriminations followed by deep sadness and a then cold silence. Finally, you have time to think.

As you sit there feeling the crushing weight of betrayal, the self-directed contempt for your blindness, the furious rage at your spouse and the terror for the future of your marriage and the family your children so desperately need, one question crosses your mind:

How can our relationship recover from this infidelity?

This is just another announcement/posting of an original internal article on why making a choice for counselling that fits with your faith and world view is so important.

This article is now permanently added to the article section of our primary site — not just a transient blog post.


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