• Do you demand, or withdraw?
    Do you demand, or withdraw?
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    Psychology Today

    My last (failed) relationship, it turns out, is a psychological cliché, which is disheartening but at least it gives me plenty of company. If you’d peeked through my windows, you would have seen me-imploring with tears in my eyes or angry with my voice raised-demanding that we address the problems we were having. You’d also have seen my partner, his arms folded across his chest, silent and unresponsive, a dismissive look on his face.

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  • The secret to really turning a woman on!
    The secret to really turning a woman on!
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    Brain Blogger

    By examining results from these three sexual fantasy measures, the three Canada-based researchers that published the study found;

    ‘direct evidence that object of desire themes are linked more to women’s sexuality than they are to men’s.’

    How integral object of desire self-consciousness (ODSC) is to a woman’s sexual relationships is likely to vary, being largely dependent on how her sexual self-schemas, that is, her cognitive representation of her sexual self, represents her as an object of desire.

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  • Maybe you SHOULD date outside of your, “Type.”
    Maybe you SHOULD date outside of your, “Type.”
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    Thought Catalog

    Then one day, Jeremy invited me to a theatre a couple of blocks away from his apartment. My closest office friend wasn’t convinced. She told me that he was going to ask me back to his place, just so he could make a pass at me.

    Jeremy did invite me to see his apartment, and he did make a pass. The next day he asked me to marry him. Here’s where I have to admit that I was a commitment-phobe myself.

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  • Understanding semi-permanent birth control
    Understanding semi-permanent birth control
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    Huffington Post

    If you’ve considered birth control over the past few years, chances are you’ve had at least one friend wax enthusiastic about an intrauterine device, or IUD. The method, which is the most effective reversible form of contraception on the market, has grown exponentially in popularity over the last decade, despite low national rates.

    There’s now even a small sub-genre of personal essay related to choosing IUDs, ranging from testimonials to tales of medical misadventure.

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  • Can you MAKE someone fall in love with you?
    Can you MAKE someone fall in love with you?
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    In 2010 the psychological researcher Arthur Aron (and four other authors) released the results of their study which asked if an intimate connection between two newly acquainted people could be created simply by causing them to become incrementally more vulnerable with each other by way of answering a series of thirty-six increasingly personal questions.

    It finally got noticed by the mainstream media

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  • Can, “Truly, madly, deeply,” ever last?
    Can, “Truly, madly, deeply,” ever last?
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    Psychology Today

    Being Madly in Love Can Last! The results of the study indicate that the feeling of intense passion can last in long-term relationships. “We found many very clear similarities between those who were in love long-term and those who had just fallen madly in love,” says Dr. Aron. “In this latest study, the VTA showed a greater response to images of a long-term partner when compared with images of a close friend or any of the other facial images.”

    This means that the VTA is particularly active for romantic love.

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  • Looking forward to the awkward conversations of Christmas?
    Looking forward to the awkward conversations of Christmas?
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    Inspiration Feed

    You put that person in the position to be an expert, and you value you them enough to ask for their opinion. Plus, you are actually listening to them versus talking. Most people talk significantly more than they listen because they are trying to “sell” themselves and get validation or approval from someone else. Validate and approve yourself and you move past a major obstacle so many people get caught up in.

    Also, it is powerful when you give people positive feedback, praise, or a compliment, but only when it is genuine. If you find out someone got a new job, congratulate them.

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  • Is it really just, “Hooking up?”
    Is it really just, “Hooking up?”
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    Scientific American

    In “Hook-up behaviour: A biopsychosocial perspective,” a study published in 2008, García and a colleague asked 507 undergraduates what motivated young adults to seek hookups. Eighty-nine percent of men and women said it was physical gratification, but 54 percent also cited emotional reasons and 51 percent said it was for the purpose of starting a romantic relationship.

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  • A kiss is just a kiss?
    A kiss is just a kiss?
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    National Post

    Kissing activates a very large part of the brain associated with sensory information because we’re at work making sense of the experience in order to decide what to do next. Kisses work their magic by setting off a whirlwind of neurotransmitters and hormones through our bodies that influence how we think and feel.

    If there’s real “chemistry” between two people, a kiss can set the stage for a new romance. A passionate kiss puts two people in very close proximity – nose to nose.

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  • No really, stop talking!
    No really, stop talking!
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    Psychology Today

    By saying less, your partner will feel that you are more available and open to her. This all may sound ridiculously obvious but is it really that easy? The answer is, “No.” It is not so easy because our ego-mind takes over when we speak solely from our own agenda. Unfortunately, we tend to lack empathy when we are trying to prove our own point. Ironically our partners then just shut down and stop listening, instead of saying to themselves, “This conversation is pointless.”

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