The real pain of an affair.

The real pain of an affair.

The real pain of an affair.

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She also exchanged intimate photographs with some of her correspondents, Le Figaro newspaper reported.

In her defence at the divorce hearings, she argued that she had done so while in a state of depression.

But the judges decided that her depression was not a factor in her visits to the website and last month ruled in favour of Bruno.

It’s no surprise to most people that it is far easier for most marriages to recover from one partner having one-night drunken infidelity with someone they met in a bar then it is to recover from a (comparatively) much more intimate affair that, often, may not include sexual intercourse. The damage of the loss of an intimate bond of two hearts is much more deeply the foundation of marriage then simple conjugal rights.

Ironically though, most legal systems of this world regard physical sexual contact as the definition of a marital breach.

In this respect, and as the pain of so many grieving spouses openly demonstrates, this ruling is common sense finally invading the court system.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop there…

French law states that spouses owe each other mutual respect, fidelity and help.

“It was in this notion of respect that the wife had failed,” said the lawyer.

The court ruled that the divorce was the sole fault of the wife.

Aside from victim-mill authors who seem to feel that everyone who has ever heard a raised voice is an abused spouse, does any serious researcher in the civilized world still believe that one person could be 100% at fault for the disintegration of a marriage?

Any credible attempt at restoring a threatened marriage of this nature always has to include a grim and determined hold on two key realities:

(1). It’s the wounded hearts that matter — not the specifics of who did or did not touch who when and where.

(2). It took two people to break this marital system, and it’s going to take two people to fix it.

No, it’s not politically correct and, no, it’s not going to make many people who have become parked at the protest (part of an arrested grieving process) very happy. But, any other position has to be seen as ultimately being lethal to the survival and rebuilding of the marriage.

And, when two people have stood before God or a J.P. and pledged, “Till death do us part,” the survival and rebuilding of the marriage has to matter — a lot.

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